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Smile at the Future

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Xento Store Layout

Your Opportunity

Xento Store Layout

Open a shop Xento is a real opportunity to develop a format that is as simple as it is effective.

You want to start an activity as self-employment or invest in a sector that is dynamic and eye-catching, Xento allows you to open your store in a very easy, providing you with all the assistance you need.

Xento Store Layout

What do you Need?

All you’ll need is a shop of 40+ square meters in a prime commercial zone and a good window display. We will evaluate  with you  the location, providing all the specific info for an accurate assessment.

We are available for You

If you are interested please let us know and we’ll gladly walk you through the opening of your Xento point.​

 -- We will plan out the project with you in all details.

 -- You will be provided with a preliminary draft and an estimate.

 -- We will help you to pick the best available commercial space. 

 -- We will set up an agreement where you will have exclusivity in your area.

 -- We will sign the agreement in the affiliate planning in detail the layout of your store.

 -- We will provide you with the training needed to manage your business.

 -- We will take you all the way to the opening, leading your new business in the Xento world.

Xento Store Layout

Financial Opportunities

Also,-for Italian territory only- if you do not have all the capital needed, thanks to a partnership with restore, you will be able to get  access to a micro-credit, securing  a guaranteed loan  by Italy’s state fund up to a maximum of 25.000 €.

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