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Our Fantastic History

Logo Xento White
Anna Suriano Owner of Xento brand. Diadem Red Carpet. Painting fairy bring happiness.

The owners of Xento brand are Leonardo Buccoliero e Anna Suriano.

Logo Xento

Leonardo e Anna are joining forces professionally but also sentimentally: married since 2005 share the same passion for Xento, founded in 2005 as well. 

Xento Love you

The first creation was designed by Leonardo for Anna, when she was only 16 as a gift for his love.



Then, as frequently happens, studies and displacement got in their way. But, like in the best fairy tales, 12 years later their lives crossed again, in Taranto, their home town and since then they share the Xento's story... and their lives.



This is the true color of Xento: a unique brand whose values are lies on love, positive thinking and the willingness to bring a moment of happiness to who wear Xento's creations.



We really enjoyed telling you the Xento's brand story because it is the story of two persons that constantly seek to bring their lifestyle  into their passionate work. 



Remember Xento... Fairies bring happiness.

Xento Earth

Global Presence

Distributors: (Denmark, Norway, Sweden), China, Florence, Milan, United States, United Kingdom.​

Sales Agents: Hong Kong, Indonesia, United Kingdom, Spain, South Korea.​

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